Breakfast with Paul:Financial Planning


November 25th 2007

Time: 11am

St. Stanislaus School Museum

Presentation Highlights

1. Explain key elements of personal wealth management to provide guidance on attaining financial security and growing personal wealth through investment strategies.

2. Present practical techniques and steps to identify the factors surrounding personal wealth, understanding risk and choosing an asset allocation strategy that aligns with personal goals and concerns.

Target Audience

The presentation is suited for a broad audience from those planning to grow wealth or planning early retirement or those retired.

About Paul D'souza
Paul D'Souza is an alumnus of St. Stanislaus High School, Class of 1986. He has an MBA (Finance) and has worked with various financial services companies and was instrumental in launching the Portfolio Management schemes in a number of organizations like UTI Securities Exchange Ltd, HDFC Mutual Fund and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance. He currently runs his own business Cuzinns Investment Services with a client base of 250 clients and Assets under Management (AUM) of Rs 6 crores.

More details at Paul D'souza Website

About the Breakfast meeting series
The Breakfast Meetings is a SSESA member activity aimed at providing a platform for alumni to present a brief insight into the different fields they excel in. Breakfast Meetings will try to reach a broad audience that includes fellow alumni, teachers past and present and invited guests.

Local and Alumni abroad can share their skills or assist as a volunteer at the Breakfast meetings. Write to us at the email provided below.

Note: There are limited seats available at this Breakfast Meeting. You need to register prior to this SSESA event. Use the Signup link below or send an e-mail

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