Outstanding Sportsmen

Got Viren Rasquinhas picture and bio from Iledio. I am astonished at the achievements of this understated Stanislite. Not only is he an outstanding sportsmen he has a very good academic record.

Also got some really old and good pictures from Frank Mascarenhas. After I saw these I added a section for Boarders under history. The boarders were truly part of Stanislaus history.


Setup FAQ's in the help section. Mainly done by Francis with inputs from Illedio

Alumni Search: Directory->Search is now up and running


Setup two achievers, Cardinal Ivan Dias and Maj.Gen.(Retd) Eustace D'souza Many more to be added.

Among the young achievers three hv been identified Dinesh D'souza, Ajay Kotkar (Chief Technology Officer ABN AMRO Asia) and Rahul Samant (Chief Technology Officer US and Europe Bank of America). Am awaiting their OK and bio to put the info on the site. So far only Ajay Kotkar has given an OK and I await his bio.

Sports Heros: Have put up info about Leo Pinto the famed hockey goalkeeper. His bio can do with some condensing.

Sports Heros TO DO: Viren Rasquina, Marcellus Gomes, Joquim Carvalho, Francis D'mello....

Getting ready for launch

Exactly 14 days left for launch. Loads to do by way of technical, editorial and political work.

Need to run the pilot starting tommorow.


Setup the header done by Mark D'souza.

It looks quite nice for a first release.

Some issues :
1. The blocks and block titles need to be coordinated with this header.
2. Font colors need similar work.
3.The boys in black get hidden behind the header links
4.Logo needs to be re-worked
5. IE shows a line near the header

Help Section

Created an extensive Help section with help from the Drupal End user handbook. Check with Francis if anything else needs to be added to this section.

Spoke with Mark and he has some stuff ready but has a dead net connection.

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