Page not found...possible reason

On going through the logs it seems I have found the page not found error. I had disabled the footer image without disabling the corresponding line in the css file.How stupid of me.

Page not found

While tracking many of our pilot users it seems many are getting a Page not found.

Anyone, please send us the the sequence that results in the Page not found error. I have not been able to re-create it.


While setting up audio we lost most of our thumbnails in the image gallery. Of course that resulted in all images displaying in their full glory and overlapping and distorting. Was up till 2am setting this right. Will not mess with anything so close to launch.

Image Gallery has disappeared

It seems while setting up audio we have lost all of our images from the image gallery. Will have to upload all images once sucks ;)

Pilot User Feedback

We hv sent an email to a Pilot user group. Little or no activity from the pilot users leave alone feedback. Only Ivor and Iledio hv sent us some feedback.


Finally got the audio module working last night early this morning. Now that we can upload audio, I hv to find a way to get the Flash player to play while online. The download file link works.

It will be interestiong using the audio module for podcasting.

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Sesquicentenary Inauguration

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